Bike Accessories

Pedals – If you purchase a bike at a dealer most likely the bike will not come with pedals. While pedals are a personal preference there are some considerations. There are different standard that work with different cleat designs and weight. The lighter the weight the higher the cost. My suggest would be Shimano and their SPD-SL line of pedals. I suggest the Shimano 105 PD-5700 as a Starting point.

Shimano 105 PD-5700 Pedal

Shimano 105 PD-5700 Pedal

Alternatively some folks dislike a one-sided pedal and opt for mountain bike pedals to take advantage of the dual entry design. Meaning the pedal has two identical sides. My suggestion there would be the Shimano XT series pedal.

Shimano XT Pedal

Shimano XT Pedal

Regardless of which style pedal you chose you will need the appropriate cleat for your shoes

Cleats -Your cleats must match your pedal style. SPD-SL or SPD. The SPD-SL are available in varying amounts of float. I prefer the yellow with 6 degrees of float.

SPD-SL Cleat

SPD-SL Cleat



Saddle Bag


Smartphone Mount


Helmet – Simple fact is helmet is probably the most important purchase to go with your bike.  Fortunately there are many good choices that wont break the bank. I suggest going to your local bike shop and see what fits and what looks good on you and buy from them. All helmets do not fit everyone the same. That said  If you absolutely must buy a helmet online look at the reviews and save yourself some money and try to find a model that is from a previous year. You can save yourself a substantial amount of money. Also keep in mind helmets do not last forever and they should be replaced every few years (5 max) or after taking a hit.

Bell Alchera Road Bike Helmet

Bell Alchera Road Bike Helmet

Stick with the brands Bell, Giro, Lazer and Louis Garneau and you’ll be fine.






Eye Protection







Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack  

Yakima Double Down Ace 4 Hitch Bike Rack




Chamois Cream