Tubeless Bike Tires Leak

So you have seen the light. You either purchased a bike with tubeless tires or you had your existing bike wheels converted to tubeless. No more pinch flats on your ROAD BIKE, the ability to run low tire pressures on your MOUNTAIN BIKE, all good stuff.

Items Needed

  1. Stan’s Tire Sealant – One Pint
  2. Stan’s 2 ounce Tire Sealant  Injector
  3. Park Tool Valve Core Removal Tool VC-1
  4. Replacement Presta Valve Cores

Optional Items

  1. Ratcheting Tie Downs  I prefer the KEEPER 05723 1 1/2″x8
  2. Dynaplug Bicycle Tubeless Tire Repair Tool (Mountain bikes tires only)
  3. Park Tool Shop Inflator
  4. Portable Air Compressor