Below is a list of the various Bicycle Owners Manuals that I have collected for my own use. Today I am still surprised when a manual is not available online is some format.

Feel free to download the Bicycle Owners Manuals that are of value to you. If you have an old PDF manual that is no longer available and you would like to see it here on this page feel free to use the contact page and I will provide you with instructions for sending me the file.

Due to the size of some of the PDF files I suggest the following method.

  1. Right Mouse Click the file you wish to download.
  2. If you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser select the “save target as” option. If you are using Firefox Browser select the ‘Save link as” option. In either case you want to save the file to some place simple like your desktop. If you are using a browser not mentioned you probably already know how to save the files.
  3. If after downloading the Bicycle Owners Manuals you are unable to open the PDF files you need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader  for free by clicking the button below and downloading the file directly from

IMPORTANT NOTE: When downloading  Adobe Acrobat Reader be sure to UNCHECK the box Yes, install McAfee Security Scan Plus before selecting the download now button. You do not want that software on your computer.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Bicycle Owners Manuals

Road Bikes

Cannondale Road Bike Owners Manuals

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5 Owners Manual

 Mountain Bikes

Trek Mountain Bikes

Trek Bicycles Owners Manual 2010

Trek Rumblefish Suspension Setup Guide

Yeti Mountain Bikes

Yeti 575 Owners Manual

Yeti 575 Owners Manual 2008-2009

Yeti 575 Owners Manual 2010

Yeti 575 Owners Manual 2011

Yeti 575 Owners Manual 2012

Yeti 575 Owners Manual 2013

Yeti SB95 Owners Manual

Yeti SB95 Owners Manual 2012

Yeti SB95 Owners Manual 2013

 Bicycle Lights

Portland Design Works Danger Zone Tail Light Instructions

Bicycle Tools

Bicycle Racks

Yakima RimRoc Instructions

Thule T2 916XTR Manual