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2019 Off To A Slow Start

December 15 was my last ride of 2018, it was my last lap at Hop Brook Lake in Middlebury, Connecticut. It was a nice ride I reflected on all the gains made that year and I daydreamed of what 2019 would deliver. I looked ahead to what my winter rides would be like. Unfortunately nothing went as planned.

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2017 Starting Over

I’m always at my best or should I say in my element when in the company of twenty somethings. People my own age often act old. I have little time for that. In an interesting timing I have a new coworker, early 20’s who I have found refreshing to be around. We share many similar likes and interesting differences. He also happens to be an avid mountain biker and a willing participant to contribute to this website.

If all goes as planned or even close to planned spring 2017 will see this site grow with useful, original and fun content. It is also my expectation that this relationship and website revival will be exactly what I need get my health back in order.

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