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Blizzard Nemo - Snow Covered Car

Blizzard Nemo – Snow Covered Car

 Blizzard Nemo

Last week I was beginning to feel as though winter was winding down and in a few weeks I would be out on my bike traversing the landscape. Furthermore I recently had some dialog with Class Cycles in Southbury, CT about my new mountain bike purchase. Well it appears mother nature had something else in mind. This something else was a blizzard named Nemo. February 8-9 Blizzard Nemo dumped 36″ of fresh powder snow on us. The result of which has ended any possibility of riding any time soon.

The picture at the top of the page is the street in front of my apartment building. It accurately shows the depth of snow from Blizzard Nemo. The general consensus is that we have 34″-36″ with drifts of 4′-6′.

Blizzard Nemo -Snow Covered Street

Blizzard Nemo -Snow Covered Street

The picture above is the street directly in front of my house.

Now how can I tie this blog entry into biking? Well utilizing the Pearl Izumi Thermal Gloves allowed me to manipulate my Nikon D800 for the images on this page.