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Pearl Izumi Thermal Glove

Pearl Izumi Thermal Glove



Pearl Izumi Thermal Gloves:

As fall 2012 began to show its teeth with a biting chill that was both hurting and numbing to my fingers I decided it was time for some cold weather cycling gloves. So on one late October day I set out to do my typical pre-purchase online research to find myself a pair of cold weather bicycle gloves. My research based on manufacturers descriptions and many positive reviews around the web sold me on a pair of Pearl Izumi Thermal Gloves in “screaming yellow” color for just under $19 from TriVillage.

I was very pleased that the gloves arrived from Trivillage on the 3rd business day from the order date.  Upon removing the gloves from the package I was surprised at just how light and thin the Pearl Izumi Thermal Gloves were. The gloves felt like nothing more than a pair of Lycra gloves with a fleece thumb and well placed silicone gripping surfaces. Trying them on I found the large size gloves fit my medium hands well. The gloves are quite comfortable and very flexible. No uncomfortable seams or skin irritating surfaces to be found. While I had expected the Pearl Izumi Thermal Gloves to be slightly heavier and thicker I did not establish any preconceived notions of the gloves abilities to keep my hands warm. To measure is to know after all and in my case to measure would be to actually use the gloves.

On The Road With The Pear Izumi Thermal Gloves:

On my first ride with the Pearl Izumi Thermal Gloves the temperature was in the mid 40’s and breezy, very breezy. It was one of those days where the cold finds every deficiency in your clothing. Ii was midday and I set out on my 90 minute route. I noticed pretty quickly that I could feel the cold air slightly penetrating the gloves. I was mildly concerned because I don’t like cold hands and did not bring a spare pair of gloves. I pedaled on and after about a mile my concern turned out to be without merit. As I rode on and completed my 90 minute ride I completely forgot about the gloves as my hands were nether hot or cold and that is exactly how it should be.

On further rides when the temperature was between 45-50 degrees I did not experience the initial cool hands. The warm up is only noticeable closer to 40 degrees and the experience is similar to dressing the rest of your body for cold weather. Meaning that your cool when you head out until your body gets working and up to temperature. If your warm at the start your going to sweat and get cold. As the temperature approaches 40 degrees and lower it is time to switch to something warmer. In extreme cold weather the Pearl Izumi Thermal Gloves could be used as a liner or thermal under wear for your hands to be used with crab mitt gloves.


I like the gloves very much. In my opinion the “Thermal” in the name is a bit deceiving at first glance as it paints a picture of an insulated glove to be used in the coldest of cold temperatures. At least that is how I view it. However Pearl Izumi clearly describes the Pearl Izumi Thermal Gloves as a “Cool Weather Glove” and that sums up the role of these gloves perfectly. They are great for late fall rides as they do not inhibit in any way as a heavier glove might. The tacky silicone surfaces are great. You can perform any task such as dialing your, actuating the controls on your GPS, cyclo computer or pulling out cash without needing to remove your gloves. In fact I like these gloves so much I purchased a second pair in black for walking the dog. They allow me to pick up after him without having to remove my gloves to get the plastic waste bag open.

On the internet some folks were concerned for how long these gloves might last after repeated washings. Seriously they are under $20 and if you destroy them in a season or three depending on how often you ride is it really a big deal? I don’t think so.

About The Pearl Izumi Thermal Glove:

From the Manufacturer – Thermal Glove Thermal Gloves are the ultimate cool weather glove, utilizing MineraleTM technology to provide optimal warmth and moisture transfer. P.R.O. Thermal fabric with Minerale™ provides optimal insulation, moisture transfer, dry time and odor–resistance Clarino ™ synthetic leather strategically placed in high–wear areas Soft fleece wiping surface on thumb Silicone screened palm for a performance grip Reflective elements for low–light visibility

•P.R.O. Thermal fabric with Minerale™ provides optimal insulation, moisture transfer, dry time and odor–resistance
•Clarino ™ synthetic leather strategically placed in high–wear areas
•Soft fleece wiping surface on thumb
•Silicone screened palm for a performance grip
•Reflective elements for low–light visibility

52% Minerale™ polyester 28% polyester 14% spandex 6% polyamide

Caring for The Pearl Izumi Thermal Glove:

Use simple detergents with no additives; Never use detergents with fabric softeners, perfumes or any additive type product; The general rule of thumb is the simpler the better.; Many detergents with additives leave “surfactants” behind on a fabric’s fibers that inhibit the technical performance; Typically the best detergents to use will have “Clear” or “Free” in their names; Don’t pour the detergent directly onto the clothing, put it in the washer first, when you start the water; If something is not functionally working, but is not dirty, try rinsing it twice in warm to hot water; This will help get rid of the harmful surfactants. Read the care content label; On the inside of your garment, or on the hang card, there are instructions for the care of that individual piece; On garments this will be on a side seam or back seam label. Follow those directions; On finer fabrics, use a “Gentle” cycle. Close all zippers, attach “hook and loop” closures on gloves You can use the dryer, carefully; If you use a dryer be sure to use a lower / warm heat setting (Do NOT use a commercial dryer or a “Hot” setting); This will often restore the fabric and help the water and wind repellent qualities; If in doubt, hang the clothing to dry.