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Winter Cycling

This wont be me

Winter Cycling – As if mother nature is messing with me. As soon as I get comfortable with the current riding conditions mother nature slaps me upside the head. In a matter of a few days we went from tolerable to 8″ of snow followed by the coldest weather since last year. Now the sides of the road are lined with snow banks that melt a little daily and freeze again when the sun no longer hits them.   Ice is the rule of the day. On a brighter note here in New Haven, CT it’s rumored to be in the 50’s this coming weekend, the second weekend in January 2013. While I embrace the warmth I just have this sneaking suspicion that a few nice days will cost us dearly on the other side.

At least the days are getting longer. It’s still light out when I leave the office at 5pm.