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Bell Super 2R Mips Helmet

I like to purchase a new mountain bike helmet every year this year is no different. The decision for my latest helmet was made around Christmas when my friend Greg, owner of Class Cycles in Southbury CT excitedly mentioned the Bell Super 2R Mips Helmet in an email with a link. When Greg talk I listen. The Bell Super 2R Mips Helmet has three really interesting features. The first is MIPS, the second is a GOPRO mount, the last and my favorite feature is the removable chin guard. The helmet converts from full face to open face in seconds by releasing three clips. To date it is the most comfortable and secure helmet I have ever placed on my head. Im looking forward to hitting the trail and providing a formal review. For those less inclined to order from your local bike shop or has it too. The price is fixed regardless of source

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