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2019 Off To A Slow Start

December 15 was my last ride of 2018, it was my last lap at Hop Brook Lake in Middlebury, Connecticut. It was a nice ride I reflected on all the gains made that year and I daydreamed of what 2019 would deliver. I looked ahead to what my winter rides would be like. Unfortunately nothing went as planned.

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I managed to put about a little over 100 miles on the seatpost at my local park, Hop Brook Lake Park in Naugatuck and Middlebury Connecticut. I must say I’m not only impressed with the Transfer Seat Post but I am more impressed on how much of a game changer it is for my riding. Going over obstacles like trees and rocks is so much simpler and safer with the seat out of the way. The seatpost is also a real benefit on steep drops. It is such a relief to get my butt way back over the rear wheel and not have my shorts get stuck on the seat while I return to riding position.

The Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost is an outstanding addition to a mountain bike and worth every dollar it cost. Operation is smooth and deliberate and performance is flawless.

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Schrader Valves vs Presta Valves | Whats the Difference?

Chances are if you are reading this page you are trying to learn what the difference is between SCHRADER VALVES and PRESTA VALVES. SCHRADER VALVES are what are on your car tires. They are large and durable. In the cycling world they tend to show up on inexpensive bikes, kids bikes and some mountain bikes. In fact some mountain bike riders despise the the PRESTA VALVE so much that they drill out the rims of their bikes to accept SCHRADER VALVES.

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