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2019 Off To A Slow Start

2019 Off To A Slow Start

December 15 was my last ride of 2018, it was my last lap at Hop Brook Lake in Middlebury, Connecticut. It was a nice ride I reflected on all the gains made that year and I daydreamed of what 2019 would deliver. I looked ahead to what my winter rides would be like. Unfortunately nothing went as planned.

The winter of 2018-2019 mostly consisted of rain and ice which made it impractical to ride, and that was a bummer. I wish that was the worst of it, it’s not.


I don’t know if it was the lack of riding, putting on a little winter weight, getting older or just how life goes but it seems I have some old health issues begin to resurface. While I haven’t gone for an official diagnosis  because I recognize my symptoms I will begin my healing with proper nutrition (for my body) a bunch of cycling, mountain biking and hiking and hopefully that will cure what ails me. Stay Tuned for updates and cross your fingers for me.