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Bike Water Bottle Cage | Pro Bike Tool | Matt Black

Immediately I became interested in the Pro Bike Tool Bottle Cage because an Amazon review points out that the bottle cage works well with Poland Springs water bottles as well as the Camelbak Podium Big Chill. Those two points sold me on this bottle cage. This cage being made from aluminum allows for slight bending of the metal to fit water bottles that may be less than ideal.

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Repair Tubeless Bike Tire | Dynaplug Micro Pro

Let’s back up a bit. A couple years ago, the first two years with my Trek Rumblefish Elite I was plagued with flat tires. Something about the terrain at West Rock Ridge State Park, Lake Wintergreen in Hamden, Connecticut was not tire tube friendly. Tired of this I spoke to the great folks as Class Cycles in Southbury, CT. They suggested a setup of Maxxis Tubeless. The conversation actually ended up in a new set of wheels but that story is for another day. Anyhow once switching to tubeless mountain bike tires I remained flat free for nearly three years.

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2017 Starting Over

I’m always at my best or should I say in my element when in the company of twenty somethings. People my own age often act old. I have little time for that. In an interesting timing I have a new coworker, early 20’s who I have found refreshing to be around. We share many similar likes and interesting differences. He also happens to be an avid mountain biker and a willing participant to contribute to this website.

If all goes as planned or even close to planned spring 2017 will see this site grow with useful, original and fun content. It is also my expectation that this relationship and website revival will be exactly what I need get my health back in order.

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Schrader Valves vs Presta Valves | Whats the Difference?

Chances are if you are reading this page you are trying to learn what the difference is between SCHRADER VALVES and PRESTA VALVES. SCHRADER VALVES are what are on your car tires. They are large and durable. In the cycling world they tend to show up on inexpensive bikes, kids bikes and some mountain bikes. In fact some mountain bike riders despise the the PRESTA VALVE so much that they drill out the rims of their bikes to accept SCHRADER VALVES.

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Cycling Supplements

Cycling Supplements – Three years ago when I jumped back into cycling and mountain biking I would never have imagined myself a person to take cycling supplements. My prior experience with supplements was lifting weights in my youth resulted in an expensive habit that didn’t accomplish anything that a good diet could not accomplish. Well last year I saw a radical change in my physiology. I was down to 190 pounds from 270 pounds when this all started. I felt awesome, I was riding nearly every night then on weekends I was riding twice per day. I would do a fast 20 miles on the road then come home rest for an hour or two then head out mountain biking. All was good but I noticed something my times were not improving. It’s not like I was trying to break any records or anything but dammit I was working hard and eating right but was not really making any noticeable gains. Separately I had discussions with my super fit 22 year old niece and muscular nephew of the same age who suggested some supplements. I thought about it, did some research homework on Cycling Supplements and thought what the heck. That research resulted in a few purchases that would forever change my opinion of supplements. Within two weeks I broke my plateau and crushed my previous personal best times. Below is a list of everything I currently take.

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