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Cycling Inspiration – A few weeks ago the little woman and I decided to test drive a new bike route in the car before attempting it on the bike. After 6 weeks on the bike I am still a bit shy of monster hills. Anyhow while driving along a single lane road in the woods we happened upon a rather large snapping turtle in the middle of the road. Concerned for the turtle we decided to help him to safety (despite his objections). While dealing with the turtle a nice gentlemen on a bike stopped to offer some assistance. The rider explained how he got in to the sport about 5 years ago and now at 60 years old (looked 50) spent much of his time riding with old guys, much older than himself. He went on to explain how he was inspired by these old timers who could just ride all day in any weather.

This got me thinking. I want to be all sides of this equation. I want to be the 60 year old guy riding 60 miles per day like nothing and hoping to one day keep up with the “old timers”. I also want to be the old guy that the younger guys hope to be like.