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Dynaplug Bicycle Tubeless Tire Repair Tool | Repair Tubeless Bike Tire | Dynaplug Micro Pro


Chances are you arrived at this website seeking the answer to one of the above questions. This also means that like me you wanted to fix a hole in your expensive Maxxis, Schwallabe or Continental bike tire.

Mountain Bike Tires Constantly Going Flat

Let’s back up a bit. A couple years ago, the first two years with my Trek Rumblefish Elite I was plagued with flat tires. Something about the terrain at West Rock Ridge State Park, Lake Wintergreen in Hamden, Connecticut was not tire tube friendly. Tired of this I spoke to the great folks as Class Cycles in Southbury, CT. They suggested a setup of Maxxis Tubeless. The conversation actually ended up in a new set of wheels but that story is for another day. Anyhow once switching to tubeless mountain bike tires I remained flat free for nearly three years.

So by now your thinking what happened? I thought you just said tubeless tires are awesome? They are awesome! What happened is a couple different things. The first is I moved to a new home. This resulted in new mountain bike terrain. The second item is the fact that I spent a substantial amount of money on a brand new mountain bike. That bike is my custom built Ibis Ripley.

My Ibis Ripley and the Larkin Bridal Trail

The Larkin Bridal Trail stretches from Hop Brook in Naugatuck CT to Southbury. At least what I know of it. The trail is an old railroad bed converted to a bridal trail. The trail is smooth and lacks any sort of mountain bike challenge except one. Something on the Larkin Bridal Trail is chewing up my brand new tires. One trip resulted not one tire puncture, not two tire punctures. That trip resulted in 6 holes in my brand new $90 Schwallabe tire. This was the final straw. A little research lead me to the Dynaplug Micro Pro Tubless Tire Repair kit. The Dynaplug Micro Pro is easy, inexpensive and the best tool to Repair Tubeless Bike Tire.

Repair Tubeless Bike Tire with Dynaplug Micro Pro

The Dynaplug Micro Pro is designed for the scale of a puncture repair in a tubeless bicycle tire. The reduced force needed to repair a bicycle tire resulted in this ergonomic, compact repair tool with extreme durability and efficiency. This expands Dynaplug into the area of UST tires and tires converted from tube-type “bike rim and tire” with a Stan’s Tubeless Conversion Kit.

Dynaplug Micro Pro fully inserted in a Schwallabe mountain bike tire

Dynaplug Micro Pro fully inserted in a Schwallabe mountain bike tire

While it’s possible to plug a puncture in a bicycle tire using the traditional Dynaplug, the features of the Micro Pro are specific for bike riders with little or no storage space for tools and for the size of a bicycle tire.

To make a repair, thread the insertion tube into the end cap and insert into the puncture hole using the same process as the standard size Dynaplug tools: remove the puncture object, align the repair plug, push in the repair plug, and pull out.

This small package is machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum and holds as many as four insertion tubes with plugs, air stopper and micro knife; fully loaded it weighs only 1.5 ounces

Limited Lifetime Warranty – Made in USA – PAT 8,707,829

The Dynaplug Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair tools come in two models: the MICRO PRO and the CARBON ULTRALITE. Both of the tools repair a bicycle tire by inserting a repair plug in the puncture location. The repair plug bonds with the tire rubber; no glues are needed. More than one repair plug can be used to seal the hole.

The Micro Pro tool has the style of a small capsule to keep it very small, and still all of the accessories are stored neatly inside and weighs only 1.5 ounces. With this tool, there are five repair plugs along with two insertion tubes, an air stopper and a micro knife. The Carbon Ultralite is has a hollow handle that can store extra items. It comes with one insertion tube and four repair plugs. Both tools use the same repair plugs; extra insertion tubes, micro knife and air stopper are available directly from Dynaplug. Tire repair plugs come in packs of 5. Both of these tools are easy-to-use, neat and fast.

Repair Tubeless Bike Tire | Dynaplug Micro Pro