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Mountain Bike Road Tires - Geax Street Runner Tire

Mountain Bike Road Tires – Geax Street Runner Tire

Mountain Bike Road Tires

With the purchase of my TREK RUMBLEFISH ELITE  behind me I no longer have a need for my Gary Fisher Sugar 3 Disc. From the beginning my plan has been to pass the Gary Fisher Sugar on to my niece with the hope that we could ride together on her monthly visits. More often is she had moved here from Vermont. Unfortunately for me though she decided to head to Florida, the Sunshine State instead. Her Florida decision made me rethink her mountain bike needs as her riding would be limited to roads, beaches and walking paths. All of which are way over kill for this full suspension mountain bike. That got me thinking that perhaps there were things I could do to make the Gary Fisher Sugar mountain bike more suitable for her needs. The first thing that came to mind and the subject of this post is the tires. Aggressive knobby mountain bike tires are no fun on the street. They are noisy and require a fair bit of effort to pedal. So I got to wondering if there was such a thing as “Mountain Bike Road Tires“. A quick internet search showed me that this question is actually quite common and the general consensus all pointed to one particular Mountain Bike Road Tire the  Geax Street Runner Tire. A quick trip to JensonUsa and $42 later I had the tires on order.

Geax Street Runner Tire

Geax Street Runner Tire

Description: The Street Runner is designed to convert 26” bikes for use on the road. Its minimalistic tread pattern allows excellent rolling efficiency, yet retains grip on all road conditions.

  • Clincher Mountain Road/Smooth Trail
  • Aramid 3D Compound
Item Specifications
Tire Bead Steel
ISO Diameter 559
ISO Width 32 mm
Color Tread/Side Black/Black
Tire Type Clincher
Tire Diameter 26″
Tire Use Mountain
Weight 450 g
PSI 30-65 PSI

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I will upload some side by side pictures one the tires are installed on the wheels.